Psychedelic jazz & funky grooves

13 11 2014


Psychedelic Jazz And Funky Grooves (2005 –  CHESS – 9831752)

Γκρούβα να γουστάρεις από την χρυσή εποχή της εταρίας chess 60’s-70’s. Ειδικότερα στα tracks 6,7,13 τα σπάνε.

DSC02934 DSC02932

Info: Psychedelic Jazz & Funky Grooves album for sale was released Nov 22, 2005 on the Universal Distribution label. An excellent selection of jazz tracks influenced by the pop psychedic era of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s featuring Marlena Shaw, Phil Upchurch, Ramsey Lewis, John Klemmer, Solomon Burke, Woody Herman and many more.

Όποιος το έχει, μπορεί να το κρατήσει, όποιος πετύχει κόπια cd, μπορεί να τη χτυπήσει άφοβα. Κατέβασε δωρεάν, αν μπορείς αγόρασε.

1. Rotary Connection – Tales Of Brave Ulysses
2. Phil Upchurch – Crosstown Traffic
3. Woody Herman & His Thundering Herd –  I Can’t Get Next To You
4. Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto
5. Dorothy Ashby – Afro-Harping
6. The Soulful Strings – Listen Here
7. Ramsey Lewis – Do Whatever Sets You Free
8. Solomon Burke – Thanks I Needed That
9. Reuben Wilson – Tight Money
10. Woody Herman – It’s Your Thing
11. John Klemmer – Third Stone From The Sun
12. Solomon Burke – Everlasting Love
13. Bo Diddley – Bad Trip
14. Muddy Waters – Tom Cat
15. The Soulful Strings – I Wish It Would Rain
16. Ramsey Lewis – Les Fleurs
17. Rotary Connection – I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun

Θα σας τινάξει τα μυαλά αυτή η γκρούβα.





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